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Good Communication is the foundation for a healthy, intimate relationship.  it's not uncommon to find ourselves at midlife and beyond wondering where the years have gone, questioning who we are as individuals and as a couple, and beginning to think about the many questions related to retirement transition.

- if, when and how to retire? -

- can we afford to retire? -

- how will our roles change?

 -how will we spend our time?  

 -what kind of lifestyle do we want to be living?

Couples can successfully navigate retirement transition by working together to develope a shared vision.This requires good communication, mutual sharing and respect, willingness to compromise and appreciate what's important to your partner. A shared vision is a flexible plan which incorporates the desires and needs of both partners.


My passion is helping individuals and couples in midlife and beyond to clarify what they really want in the next chapter of their lives.

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