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When you contact me, I will ask you about your current difficulties.  I will talk with you and tell you how I plan to work with you. Our conversation will allow you to understand more fully how I believe I can best help you to overcome your difficulties as quickly as possible. As a result of this conversation, you should get a clearer sense of whether and how I can be of value to you. If we decide it would be beneficial to work together, we will schedule an appointment to meet.

The Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is 2-3 hours in length, with a one hour follow up within a week or so. This gives us time to get a thorough understanding of your difficulties and to see how we work together. 

We will carefully and thoroughly examine the difficulties you have that are causing you concern and specifically identify what you would like to accomplish. You will get a clear sense of how we can work together in the most efficient and successful way. During this first session, people usually experience mportant insights about the causes of their symptoms and their habitual and self-defeating patterns. 

Together we will decide on a course of action to take in future sessions and we will schedule additional appointments at that time if we decide it would be useful to do so. 

Subsequent sessions

Subsequent sessions may vary from 60 minutes to 2+hours depending upon what we decide would best fit your unique needs and goals, your budget and your schedule. I will work actively with you to help you to reach your goals in a healthy and productive way.

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