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"Francine Robinson is based in Vancouver, Canada and travels extensively and as a result, is experienced doing Skype therapy. She's smart, compassionate and her clients improve."  Deborah Young, MD, San Deigo, CA, USD

People often prefer OnLine Therapy/ Counselling for the convenience, comfort and privacy it allows. Instead of having to commute to engage in counsellling they can see their counsellor from the privacy and comfort of their home or location of choice.

You may choose to use Zoom, Skype or FaceTime  Counselling or Phone Counselling as an option:

: if your have children and its difficult to be away from home
: if you prefer not to commute
: if you are travelling and want to stay in touch
: if you live in a remote or rural area
: if you live in a foreign country
: if you are ill or disabled or you are a caregiver
: if I am away and counselling is required

To discuss your counselling needs or to set up an appointment:

 Email: francinerobinson@shaw.ca
Skype: fran.robinson5000  *
Telephone: 778-868-2100

Payment may be made by etransfer, Pay Pal

Don't have Skype: Download Here

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